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Eva-Maria Payati

Translation Studies M.A.   | The University Of Birmingham

Greek to English Literary Translator

I grew up in an English and Greek bilingual home on a beautiful Greek island...and yes I admit that I am spoilt with childhood memories of living by the sea and being bitten by mosquitos!

Living the island lifestyle gave me the urge to write from a very young age about adventures and travels in other parts of the world that I would read about in my mum's encyclopedia, do you remember those doorstops?!

Whilst at high school, I specialised in the humanities which involved study of Ancient Greek texts, Modern Greek literature, History and Latin. After high school, I moved to England which is where I studied and worked for many many years...and English somehow has become the language that my mind thinks in which is why I choose to translate into English.

I am now based in France with my French husband where we try to raise our multilingual children and keep our bilingual dog busy...but truly it's all about one language at home and that is the language of food! 

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