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New Beginnings

Welcome and thank you so much to everyone who has joined Translation Journeys!

I hope you like what is about to come, I use the word hope because although this is a welcome post this is a celebration of something new and exciting.

This photo here...this is how I visualise any new beginning.

The brightness of our hopes, ideas and ambitions illuminates the bare pages so a new story can be written, it’s time for new scribbles and doodles that connect together like a dot to dot only to make sense later on…

This is my beginning here with Translation Journeys and with you.

This blog is a new experience for me, I will be trying new things and learning every day which excites me. Learning though, involves making mistakes too and the truth is you have to be prepared for your mistakes and weaknesses to be seen to improve and that I am, so here I am!

Thank you once again for being here to support the beginning, please always feel free to comment and engage with posts, this is what this space is about! Until next time...

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning” Meister Eckhart

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