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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

First post here we go!

I like how nowadays many of us have this need to write and share and we just get online and start sharing...perhaps a bit too much at times..thank goodness for that archive button!

Well here I am, welcome and thank you for visiting.

I am a martial arts, food and travel loving translator and I'd like to bring a playful and adventurous spirit to our translation community, because being creative with words is a pretty amazing feeling and others need to know about it!

I remember I was full of questions when I started my masters and frankly it was hard to find out what I needed to know. So here I am, hopefully filling a gap from a different point of view, completely unaffiliated and semi professional!

This is my blogging space, somewhere I can share my reflections and what I am learning as I translate. I have my bachelor's and my master's in languages and translation but as I start my literary translation journey, many of you know that this doesn't pay the bills, so this rests as a professional hobby for now to keep those language muscles and translation skills developing with time.

How lucky am I to have so much time?! Not really, I am a midnight writer who treats her dark circles with ice cubes in the morning and the bonus is you get to read my thoughts...that's kind of special, isn't it?

See you around and I hope you enjoy travelling through language with me,


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