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Which language speaks to your heart?

Nelson Mandela may have not been a linguist but he clearly had a powerful and impactful way with words and this quote shown above is representative of the approach I adopt when I translate and write creatively.

It’s all about using the right language with the right people.

This is why before I even start researching and translating, I analyse the original text. Some of the questions I ask the author or text owner are:

· What is your identity and style as an author, brand, organisation?

· What is the purpose and desired objectives of the translation?

· Who is the translation aimed at? Whom do we want to connect with, how and why?

This is the first step in understanding where the text comes from and why it’s going places, which helps me work towards creating a text that can connect in an impactful manner with the target audience of the new culture.

So, since it is Valentine’s day, in the name of the celebration of love, hopefully you are surrounded by those who understand and speak your language, whether that comes in the form of words or even better…actions, because let’s be honest actions speak louder than words.

Happy Sunday!


Nelson Mandela quote
Which language speaks to you?

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